The Book of Mary


The church of Peter and Mary

Jesus spoke to Mary and said thus. “You must build not one but two churches.  The first church will be the church of Cephas.  Your apostles Paul and Peter shall build it.  It will be for those who believe, the poor in spirit, and they shall be blessed.  But hid within its body, like leaven in bread, shall be some who are of the kingdom.  They shall guide their brothers and sisters who stumble in the dark and bring some into the light.  Yet the day will come when they shall be rejected and persecuted for the blind shall be envious of them. This church of Peter shall grow great and rich and yet it will always be the church of poverty.”

“The second church will be the church of Mary. It will be for those who are of the kingdom. This church shall never be great or powerful by the terms of this world, it shall never grow large for those who are worthy shall be few. It will suffer persecution and destruction yet it shall rise again and shall be greater than the church of Peter.”   

“Yet the greater truth shall be this – the Church of Peter and Mary, although two are truly one.”

“Our work here is finished.  You must leave our brother James to lead our first church for he is worthy.  You must go now and build our second church yourself.” 

So Mary left Jerusalem.  Some say she went to Syria to build her church there and others that she went down to Egypt, to Alexandria. It was perhaps at this time that Mary composed the earliest form of the Gospel of the Twin, now called the gospel of Thomas, which was intended to be used by both her churches.

The first church, the church of Peter, did indeed thrive.  Yet within a century or two those who had the secret knowledge had been evicted from it. It was then a church of the blind leading the blind. The central myths were preserved in stories which all had to take literally. Only by believing completely and unreservedly in them could the spiritual transformation of baptism by water took place.  Thus it was a necessity in this church of Peter to banish all those who disturbed this belief.

The second church, the church of Mary, also grew.  It was the church of those who knew, the Gnostics.  Yet this church also weakened with time.  It split into factions and there were many who called themselves Gnostics who did not possess the spirit. Eventually the first church grew so powerful that it became the state religion of the Roman Empire.  Then the church of Peter destroyed the Church of Mary, and the Gnostics were outlawed as heretics, for the blind will always bear hatred for the sighted who see what the blind cannot even comprehend.